Tuesday, April 26, 2011

These always make me smile :)

So I work as a full time ICU nurse. But on the side, I am a photographer. My favorite things to shoot are of course, newborns! They are the most unpredictable and hardest to shoot. They require A LOT of patience. I simply just LOVE newborns! I thought I would share these with you and hopefully make your heart melt like they do mine!

If you would like to view more, please feel free!
www.leanadiasphotography.com or Facebook Leanadias Photography

Tomorrow, the 26th, I'm having an HSG to check my tubes. OH GOODY! Then I'll have an US on Wednesday to check the progress of the follie I had on the right today. Hopefully if all goes well, I can trigger Wed and have IUI on Friday. *Fingers Crossed*

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  1. Leslie, I checked out your site; and your photos are GREAT! Truly fabulous! :) I hope your HSG went well today; KMFX'ed for you!