Monday, May 16, 2011

First Beta!

My first beta was 142 at 14dpo. The nurse said that she was very pleased with that number. I'm still waiting to hear about my p4. I feel really good though overall. No symptoms other than an occasional twings in my lower abdomen and REALLY sore and heavy bbs! I will go next Monday for a follow up beta. If it's close to 1000 they will schedule my first US. That could be as early as next week! I'm really excited. And I'm not going to worry. I trust that God will protect and guide me no matter what. I'm going to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy!! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello BFP!!!

So I probably should have posted this sooner. Today is 12dp iui and 14dp trigger. I was on my way home from work on Thursday and decided I was going to take a test. A gal I work with is thinking she's pregnant and we were talking about symptoms and what not. She was like "you're so pregnant". I knew it was early and would probably be negative. I figured I would just use the cheapie internet dip stick ones that way I wouldn't waste my money. I did two different ones for some reason. As I was pulling up my britches, I could def see 2 lines!!! So I dipped a FRER and it was definitely a positive! I started bawling... put the test in my back pocket and came out of the bathroom bawling. I asked my husband for a hug and to look in my back pocket. He looked at it and consoled me thinking it was negative. I said "it's positive you idoit!" (Oops :) ) We both cried!!  He wasn't fully  confident because it was a faint positive.  So I took whatever pee I had left and dipped it in a digital. PREGNANT!!! Starting my betas on Monday. Here's my proof!

Monday, May 2, 2011


So this last week has been crazy busy!! I think I left off with Monday's US showing good progress. I had an HSG which is a hysterosalpingogram. Basically checks the patency of your fallopian tubes and looks at the uterus. ALL CLEAR!!! Alleluia! He said once again, that I have a beautiful uterus. Weird, right? We'll at least O wont have issues carrying a baby!. Wednesday I had another US for recheck the follies one last time. He mentioned that twins were definitely possible. Cool!! I triggered with 10000iu of Novarel at 3:45pm on Saturday the 30th and had IUI this morning. After the IUI, he scanned me again to check the follies status and to make sure I was getting ready to O. You could see the little spermies in my uterus on the US. CRAZY! Swimming their little way up! He said I was exactly where I needed to be and it was exactly what he wants to see. Whew! So, now I'm in the dreaded two week wait. UGH! I have yet to poas and wont until May 14th, which will be 14dp trigger.
Today is also a good day in world news. US forces took down bin Laden. THANK YOU to our troops and the people lost will NEVER be forgotten and be forever remembered.

Whenever I'm down in the dumps or need a little boost, I YouTube videos that show parents finding out about pregnancies. I LOVE the reactions!! This is one of my favs. Watch the dad's delayed reaction.. I love it! Enjoy!!