Monday, June 13, 2011

MIA.... That's Me!!!

I'd like to say I've been too busy to write, but that wouldn't be 100% true. I have been pretty busy the last 2 or 3 weeks with my best friends baby showers, work, doctor appointments for me and the hubby and my photography business. But mostly, I have been soooooo sick. Whoever label it "morning sickness" must have been a man. Seriously, it should be called all day sickness. I was feeling so good about the pregnancy, my levels and overall just darn good, until I hit 6 weeks. I started getting the nausea and vomiting all day long. And the hour of 9pm was the worst. I tried saltines, peppermints, ginger ale, ginger cookies, white soda, toast, small, frequent meals, and I'm sure there's others I forgot. It finally got so bad that I was only able to keep about a liter of water down all day. Being a 3-4 liter water drinker a day, I felt like crap! I called the doc for some anti nausea medicine. She gave me the common Zofran in a pill form. Now let me tell you. As a nurse, a medicine that helps stop vomiting, should ONLY come in IV form and sub lingual (dissolves under the tongue). Swallowing a pill with liquid when you can't even keep your own saliva down is next to impossible! Needless to say, I got the dissolving zofran and it has helped immensely.

So on top of the morning sickness, I have every other pregnancy symptom under the sun! I am now overflowing the bras that I just bought at Victoria Secret. That's $200 I'll probably never be able to fit in again! No matter how much sleep I get, it doesn't seem like enough! My dreams are CRAZY vivid. Some of them are so intense that when I wake up, I'm ticked cause I want the dream to continue! ;o) And the icing on the cake is the GI irregularity. Otherwise, known as constipation. Adding the zofran has only complicated things. What an uncomfortable feeling let me tell you! So now I'm taking colace to help things move along.

Backing up a bit, here is a pic from my first US.  This was some point in the 6th week. I think the US machine was very outdated because the picture is horrible. I left very discouraged because we didn't get to see much. The doctor said everything looked good though.
These are from the following week which was week 7. RE said the this US would be A LOT different. That embryo grows like a weed in just a week. And boy was he right!! As soon as the US began, we could see arm and leg buds and the HEARTBEAT!!! It was a total relief! What an awesome feeling!

So make out what ya can. It's kind of just a blob!! hehe My sweet little blob. ;)

Wednesday, I have my first prenatal work up with my regular OBGYN. I have to say I am def going to miss my RE, but I can't wait to tell my OB that I COULD get pregnant!! Their US machines are WAY better and we're really looking forward to seeing and hearing the heartbeat.

I will keep you posted on a more regular basis, I PROMISE!