Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's ONLY dpo 4!

So... Only 4 days has passed since my IUI. Since then, I have washed all my couch cushions and pillows, cleaned the basement carpets, the upstairs carpets, cleaned the house, took the dogs to the dog park, bathed the dogs as a result of the dog park AND ran errands. Can we say "Someone's trying to keep her mind off things?!?!" LOL

For some reason, I feel really good about this cycle. I can't put my finger on it but it's a good feeling. Before, I just knew that I wasn't ovulating. And I was correct. I'm not sure if it's that the specialist that we're seeing both Ryan and myself really like, he's SUPER positive about our case or I finally feel like we're headed in the right direction.

In my heart I do feel that it WILL happen. I WILL be a wonderful mom. In the meantime, I WILL have to be patient!

A good friend heard a morning talk show host talk about infertility. She passed it along to me and I thought to myself listening to it, "Thank you Jesus! I'm not crazy! Someone else has the same mentality I do!" If you have a chance, take a listen. It's very good. Y98 was interviewing the author of the book What He Should Expect When She's Not Expecting.


Well I'm off to car shop. For a bestie, not for me!

10 more days to go!!!

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