Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day one post IUI

So the dreaded two week wait is just now starting for me. Ugh! Im going to try to keep myself busy with lots of stuff to do. We're in the middle of remodeling our basement. So today I went around and touched up some paint spots and rearranged the furniture. I'm going to the party store later with the bestie to pick out stuff for her baby shower! I'm excited! Then we're bbqing at my in laws. The weather is so nice! I'm gonna enjoy  now while I can. I gotta work tomorrow... Boo!

I love that I can blog from my droid! That's my excuse for any typos! Tehehe!

So I have two little west highland terriers named Derby and Dozer. I love them like crazy! The last week however not so much. a few days ago we found little smelly presents that one of them left for us. So, I set up one of my husbands trail cameras uop to hopefully catch one in the act. Busted! Dozer is the bad doggy!

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  1. That's a great pic of your bad dog! LOL! Wanted to wish you good luck on your IUI and TWW. I know it is difficult. My DH and moved to adoption after about 5 years of trying with my PCOS. Hope this cycle is going to work for you!